Our History


Continental Products of Texas is proud to be celebrating over 67 years in the water treating industry. During this time, Continental Products has assumed a predominant role in the Permian Basin and Southwest Area. A large asset of Continental Products is that it has remained an independent company. The home offices, laboratories, and blending facilities are located in Odessa, Texas.


The early background of the founders and employees of the company was based in process plants of the petroleum industry. Our technical staff was strong in industrial chemistry, and they continue to be so today. The company also encourages employees to participate in continuing education programs at colleges and universities for technical and computer skills. Community service for growth in arts and quality of life is also encouraged.


The total effort of our company has been to solve the multiple problems involving the water of the areas we service. Permian Basin water has provided a definite challenge that has pushed our technology far beyond the capabilities of our major competitors. We are small but flexible, and this is a distinct strength. Our position in the water treating industry makes it a requisite that we are highly progressive and forward-looking in technology.


Continental Products of Texas has emerged as a very reliable service company with a broad base experience in water, process, oil field and pipeline treating applications. Over sixty years of experience has produced a database that is extensive in scope in relation to the solutions and applications required in our industry.


From our organization in 1950, the company has brought together employees sound in petroleum/gas plant operations and experience. The company has developed state-of-the-art treatment programs and is at the forefront of the technology being used in the chemical treating industry. Continental Products offers on-site service and excellent laboratory facilities with advanced equipment. This affords timely evaluation of our customers’ needs, and aids in the accurate application of chemicals required to provide optimum performance.


To accomplish optimum results, the company also expanded into the equipment business. It designs the equipment tools needed for pre-and-post water treatment. The first volume responsive, automatic blowdown/chemical additive equipment was developed and sold for cooling towers and boilers by this company. These units were the best available, laborsaving, cost-cutting approaches to water treatment for many years. Subsequent design and sale of complex demineralizers, reverse osmosis units, mixed bed units, condensate polishers, ammonia removal units, iron removal units, softeners, and pressure filter units followed in our line of industrial equipment. Equipment bearing CPT logos can be found across the globe.