P R O D U C T   B U L L E T I N






HYDROCHEM CM is a aqueous, caustic-based mixture designed specifically for  removing trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide from gas streams.  It is primarily used  directly in front of oxygen analyzer systems to prevent fouling/destruction of sensors and false readings.


HYDROCHEM CM caustic-type scrubbing is an economical and effective way to remove trace acid gases (most often hydrogen sulfide) that may be harmful to equipment and/or detrimental to other gas measurements.  Alcohol components are included to promote solubility and reactivity, while also decreasing the freeze point below -20°F.



HYDROCHEM CM is applied in a batch-type scrubbing method where an initial high concentration of scrubbing solutuion  is added to a sealed vessel and sparging the gas stream through the solution.  The solution is allowed to remain until exhaustion, emptied, and replenished by fresh, full strength scrubber solution.


HYDROCHEM CM operation and control is simple, very stable, and ideal for remote, unattended locations.


Reaction products of HYDROCHEM CM with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide include simple salts of potassium sulfide and potassium carbonate.  All spent solutions and reaction products are normally discarded into the containment for evaporation of of the water/alcohol phase and/or vacuum truck removal with other waste products.


Application amounts will vary based on location, types and amounts of contaminants, gas flow, and temperature.


Example:  Retention time of a 5 gallon vessel of HYDROCHEM CM solution in a typical application often ranges from 5-30+ days depending on quantity of H2S.


O2 Analyzer/Hydrochem CM Setup



Specific Gravity at 70 degrees F                        1.26

Color                                                    Clear Liquid

Odor                                                   Alcohol Odor

Solubility in water, %                                          100

Flash Point, 176 degrees F                                 105

pH of solution                                                 >12.0

Volatility, %                                                         65