P R O D U C T   B U L L E T I N 




HYDROCHEM C-956A is an acetylenic amine which has been reacted under controlled conditions to yield the greatest possible number of acetylenic groups per molecule.  It is highly soluble in water, alkanolamine solutions, glycol solutions and hydrochloric acid solutions.  Solubility and non-foaming properties suggest its application in a wide variety of aqueous  systems as an effective corrosion inhibitor.


HYDROCHEM C-956A is a particularly good corrosion inhibitor in such systems as alkanolamine gas sweetening plants where acidic gases cause severe corrosion in reboilers, stills and in various other areas of plants of this type. Dehydration plants using glycols also respond satisfactorily to the corrosion-inhibiting properties of HYDROCHEM C-956A and normally no foaming problems are encountered through its use.


HYDROCHEM C-956A is formulated to include vapor phase corrosion inhibition in areas such as reflux and overhead areas where liquids are not contacted.  It is a very effective vapor phase corrosion inhibitor for systems having corrosion in these areas.


HYDROCHEM C-956A should be used at a rate of not less than 200 parts per million in large alkanolamine systems, based on total fluid volumes.  Small plants often require higher concentrations of inhibitor and should be treated at 500 to 1,000 ppm, depending on the size of the system.  Initial filming of a given system will consume considerable quantities of inhibitor and will require that frequent additions be made during early stages of treating program.  Specialty tracing components may be added for residual testing.


HYDROCHEM C-956A is not hazardous to handle and is readily soluble in water and most aqueous solutions.  Active concentration in treated systems can be analyzed by our Odessa, Texas laboratory.



Physical Properties


Specific Gravity at 60° F                          1.044

Weight, Lbs/Gal at 60° F                           8.71

Pour Point, ° F                                             16

Flash Point, ° F                                           270

Viscosity at 100° F, cPs                                 3

Boiling Point, ° F                                        200


See the C-956A Case Study for actual field data.


For additional vapor phase protection, see Hydrochem C-376.