P R O D U C T   B U L L E T I N






HYDROCHEM C-376 is a water soluble, volatile corrosion inhibitor specifically recommended for aqueous systems, primarily amine and glycol systems.  It is a polar organic inhibitor with good filming properties.  It is significantly volatile in hot water systems.  This allows its use where other vaporizing inhibitors are inactive, but will not decompose or polymerize in high temperature aqueous process streams.


HYDROCHEM C-376 is recommended for systems where oxygen and entrained acid gases are the primary cause of corrosion.


HYDROCHEM C-376 may be injected without dilution directly into water systems, or it may be diluted with water as desired. Being highly water soluble and volatile above 140°F,  HYDROCHEM C-376 will be removed from the system by stills and steam vents.



Physical Properties


Specific Gravity at ° F                                         0.8013

Weight, Lbs/Gal at ° F                                              8.1

Flash Point (COC),  ° F                                           110

Pour Point ° F                                                              0