Continental Products designs and manufacturers all types of pipeline and water purification equipment, parts, and supplies.



• Demineralizers

• Pressure Filters

• Reverse Osmosis Units

• Dealkalizers

• Softeners

• Iron Removal Systems

• Chemical Feed Systems



• Valves and Piping Systems

• Filter Media

• Vessel Internals

• Chemical Aids

• Instruments and Control Systems

• Pumps

Iron Exchange Resin

• Chemical Storage Tanks

We also provide engineering, parts, and/or installation for upgrading existing water treatment equipment. Our goal for these systems is to work with the customer in re-establishing proper operation of the older equipment.


Equipment Details



Much of our equipment is designed to produce high quality water for refining and chemical plants, power plants, and semiconductor plants. Moreover, we engineer systems for purification of wastewaters, including cooling tower blowdown, nuclear wastes, and plating wastes.

Technical Capabilities

Continental Products has been in the water treatment industry for many years. Our design, engineering, and service personnel are extremely capable in their fields.

Laboratory Facilities

To back up our service personnel with analytical testing, Continental Products maintains water, bacteriological, and metallurgical analysis testing facilities, including an atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared and uv/vis spectrophotometers, and digital burettes.

Custom Engineering

Continental Products does not stock “off the shelf’ pre-engineered equipment. Each piece of equipment we provide is specially engineered to fit the customer’s requirements. Both process and mechanical engineering design are accomplished in-house on each job. We are also responsible for fabrication, supervision, inspection, and servicing of all our equipment.


The equipment we design and sell is warranted to conform to that described in our quotation and, furthermore, to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Any materials proven to be defective within one year of service or eighteen months of delivery will be replaced without charge.