P R O D U C T   B U L L E T I N



Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor




CORRATE-28AS is a water soluble, non-volatile, corrosion inhibitor.  This product is specifically recommended for use in water and glycol-water antifreeze solutions in industrial engines and similar systems.  It contains no amine or ammonium compounds and is not injurious to non-ferrous metals, such as brass or aluminum.  As an added safeguard, CORRATE-28ASdoes not decompose at temperatures found in supercharged engines. It is formulated to inhibit corrosion of iron, copper and aluminum and contains additives to promote metal filming to prevent cavitation of cylinder walls.



CORRATE-28AS is a film-forming corrosion inhibitor and will protect metal surfaces against oxygen and carbon dioxide attack, the usual corrodents in a cooling system.  It also protects metal surfaces against organic acid attack, such as the acids formed by normal decomposition of the glycols.  This product will maintain pH of treated solutions at 8.4 to 9.4 if used at recommended concentration levels.



CORRATE-28AS should be added to glycol antifreeze solutions or water and maintained at the rate of 2000 parts per million alkalinity which would require 1.5 to 2 percent CORRATE-28AS in the average system.  Concentration of CORRATE-28AS can be easily monitored by the use of simple, convenient alkalinity and nitrite test procedures, which can be run either in the field or plant laboratory.


All components of Corrate 28AS are in compliance with EPA TSCA.


Specific Gravity at 68 ºF                                                      1.229

Weight, Lbs/Gal at 68 ºF                                                     10.25

Pour Point, ºF                                                                      -30

Flash Point,  ºF                                                                    None

Viscosity, cPs at 100 ºF                                                       31

pH of Solution                                                                     11.8

Alkalinity of 1% Solution, ppm                                             ~1000


*Corrate 28AS must be used in accordance with the parameters listed above.  Continental Products of Texas waives all liability resulting from any deviation from the described use, application, or treatment requirements.

For applications that do not require cavitation protection, Corrate 28A is recommended.