Environmentally Safe Cleaner/Degreaser



CONOMERSE BG is a quality industrial cleaner that is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and nonhazardous.  It is composed primarily of nonionic and anionic surfactants, detergents, and solvents.  It can replace many dangerous or potentially hazardous products and has been extensively tested to comply within all areas of industry (i.e. aircraft, automotive, etc…).

Various dilution ratios of CONOMERSE BG concentrate make outstanding general purpose cleaners and degreasers for all equipment types (both ferrous and non-ferrous metals), painted surfaces, natural rubber, electric wiring insulation, leather, carpet, silicon rubber, and plastics.

CONOMERSE BG does not react with the oils it removes, and can therefore be recycled through filtrations systems with little or no lost efficiency.  The cleaning agent disperses the oils so there is no opportunity for sludge to build up.  When agitation is ceased, oils will rise to the surface and can be easily removed, while particulate matter settles to the bottom leaving the solution clean and virtually new.

Other highlighted benefits of CONOMERSE BG include:

  • Indefinite shelf life (at least 4x greater than competitive products)
  • Keeps equipment clean as well as corrosion free, eliminating lime and particle build-up on heating coils
  • Meets many AMS, ARP, ASTM, military, aircraft, automotive and individual specifications for a wide range of industries (contact CPT for more information)
  • Ideal for high pressure and steam cleaning applications

Appearance                                          Clear, light blue liquid

Odor                                     Slightly bitter or mild detergent

Specific Gravity                                                                     1.0

Solubility                                                                    Complete

pH of Solution                                                                     <12

Flash Point                                                                        none



CONOMERSE BG is available as super-concentrate (100%) and may be diluted based on degree of contamination.  Ideal strengths are shown in the table below for various applications (contact CPT for other specific applications).

Type of Cleaning Percent Strength 55 gallons concentrate will make Uses Application
Super Heavy Cleaning 25% 220 gallons Railroad cars & gears Spray wash, hot water rinse & hot air dry.
Extra Heavy cleaning 20% 275 gallons Aircraft exterior, engines Spray, steam, & foam.  Rinse & dry.
Heavy Cleaning 15% 385 gallons Busses, engines, exteriors, wheels Spray, rinse & dry.
Medium Heavy Cleaning 10% 550 gallons Food plants Spray, wash, and hand wiping. Rinse.
Medium Cleaning 5% 1,100 gallons Oxygen lines, pipes & parts Hand wiping, mandatory rinse, & nitrogen dry.
Normal Cleaning 3% 1,760 gallons Automotive Spray or hand washing, rinse, & dry.
Light Cleaning 2% 2,750 gallons Interiors Hand wash, no rinse necessary.
Very Light Cleaning 1% 5,500 gallons Kitchen, dishwasher Rinse & dry.




Non-Foaming Environmentally Safe Cleaner/Degreaser

When foaming from your cleaner is a concern or for applications utilizing enclosed spray wash cabinets, Conomerse BG-NF is your answer.  While BG-NF has many of the characteristics of Conomerse BG, the major change is in its low-to-no foaming property.  One of the surfactants in Conomerse BG-NF was changed to eliminate foaming, making BG-NF the perfect choice to use in “closed loop” applications. Conomerse BG-NF will not foam at temperatures of 120 deg.F. or above and will inhibit foam formation from soils.  Conomerse BG-NF does not emulsify and after standing without agitation for several hours the oils and greases are allowed to rise to the surface where they can be skimmed off and the particulate material will go to the bottom.  A larger percentage in the contaminants will rise to the surface if the heat if also removed.  In addition to removal of much of the contaminants, this also helps keep the bath clean thereby extending the life of the solution. Conomerse BG-NF is composed of non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, inorganic builders synthetic detergents, and a glycol ether solvent.  All ingredients of Conomerse BG-NF appear on the list prepared by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency TSC Act PL94-469.  Conomerse BG-NF is 99.3% phosphate free and is not formulated with any of the chemicals listed in 40 CFR 261. Conomerse BG-NF contains absolutely NO silicone defoamers and is completely free-rinsing, which is essential for any post cleaning operation such as painting or phosphatizing.  It does not contain any metal or metal compounds, no halogenated hydrocarbons, no chlorinated hydrocarbons, no aromatic carbon compounds and no amines or nitrates. Conomerse BG-NF is highly concentrated and in most applications with good pressure, a 2% solution is satisfactory (2 gals. BG-NF to 100 gals. water).  For heavy soil, a 4% solution will be sufficient to clean.  Also, the better the agitation and/or pressure the better the cleaning efficiency. Many tests have been done with Conomerse BG-NF.  ARP 1755, which tests various metals and ASTM F495 are just two such tests. Copies of these and other tests are available upon request. Product Code- CONOMERSE BG-NF, Container sizes- 5 gal. plastic pails or 55 gal. plastic drums.  



Q: Can CONOMERSE BG be used to clean aluminum?

A: An independent lab tested several strips of aluminum that conform to military QQ-A-250 aluminum. They were cleaned with a 5% solution of Conomerse BG at 95F for 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Microscopic examination found no corrosion. Also Conomerse BG is used extensively in the aircraft/aviation industry with many aluminum and aluminum alloys parts that need cleaning.

Q: What other types of surfaces can CONOMERSE BG be used on?

A: Conomerse BG has been tested to ARP 1755 with results proving it safe to use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. It has been tested safe on unpainted and painted surfaces and plastics to AMS 1530 spec. In a United Air Lines Interior Cleaning test it had no adverse effects on natural rubber, silicone rubber, electric wiring insulation, neoprene, leather, vinyl, plastics, naugahyde, kydex, polypropylene, polyplastex or wool, nylon or acrylic carpet.

Q: Anything with a pH of 13 is caustic so that makes CONOMERSE BG caustic right?

A: While OSHA indicates that anything with higher than 12.5 pH is caustic it also allows for you to test to disprove this assumption. Caustics “eat or burn away tissue” and are corrosive. CFR29 section 1910.1200 appendix A defines corrosive as “a chemical that causes visible destruction or irreversible alterations in living tissue by chemical action”. Independent lab tests on rats mice and rabbits for inhalation, ingestion and skin abrasion indicate no “visible destruction or irreversible alterations” to the tissue. Caustics also make the contamination they are removing a part of the solution, unlike Conomerse BG which holds the contaminates in temporary suspension while the solution is heated and agitated. Upon removal of the agitation, Conomerse BG releases the oils and greases (except for those that are water soluble) and allows them to rise to the surface. Here they may be easily removed via skimmers or oil absorbent sheets allowing you to extend the bath life of your Conomerse BG solution.

Q: Where can we get CONOMERSE BG and how long will it take?

A: You can contact our office at 1-800-592-4684, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. central time and we will take your order.  Continental Products of Texas prides itself on fast service and in most cases your order will be filled and shipped within 3 business days!

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